Dan Aronie for Ellen Degeneres, coś o aronii, zapraszamy do oglądania, analizowania i komentowania. Trwa 6m 29s.


Dan Aronie for Ellen Degeneres.


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- Poznaj komentarze, sam dodawaj i dziel się z innymi, jeśli masz czas.
- I met him and his wonderful mother a long time ago.
- It might be noted that Dan's ability to pick up a woman inside of 20 minutes is an asset not a liability and speaks volumes about his brilliant sexual fire, honesty, passion for life and personal charisma. I knew Dan and he had me at "Hi Beautiful.." When Dan looked at me with so much love and whimsy and said "Hi Beautiful", I FELT beautiful! I love you Dan. Thank you for loving me. Now go make love to all those angels! your friend, Martha
- I will miss him. And just a note to goldbless1000 -- Most of us aren't perfect. Our one hope is we can change. We can grow. And before Dan died he became someone who had grown enough to become a spiritual teacher for many of us. .
- Dan Aronie died today. May he and his family rest in peace.
- Hey Dan - awesome work! Just heard about you and I'm really thrilled to watch the movie you've been making. Ok - all the best and hope you're getting a chance to get some sunshine. Best man!
- god bless you dan. you are such a beautiful, amazing, and inspiring person. your story truly touched my heart and the hearts of so many others. i will continue to pray for you every day. love, nikki f from orlando, florida
- Your fantastic Dan I just watched your documentry on Snag. Great toy hope it gets marketed my son would love it. He has assburger disorter and science is on of his obsessions.