WPT The Wisconsin Gardener - Aronia- A Hardy Superfruit, coś o aronii, zapraszamy do oglądania, Chelsea SEO company. Trwa 6m 14s.


WPT The Wisconsin Gardener - Aronia- A Hardy Superfruit.


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- Poznaj komentarze, sam dodawaj i dziel się z innymi, jeśli masz czas.
- I have the autumn magic species.. can you eat those?
- I like his emphasis on the word sustainability versus organic. Lotsa reasons for that and I don't care to discuss it here. Sustainable agriculture, nice.
- Can anyone recommend a good online source for the Nero & Viking cultivars mentioned here? Thanks. =)
- Black currant, to me, is disgusting because it tastes like unflavoured chicken meat. But the other fruits mentioned here are exquisite. Also saskatoon berries look just like aronia; they're probably related.
- Wow thanks for your effort. Please KEEP it up.