BNDG Sink Trouble - Sam Aronie, coś o aronii, zapraszamy do oglądania, analizowania i komentowania. Trwa 1m 28s.


BNDG Sink Trouble - Sam Aronie.


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- Poznaj komentarze, sam dodawaj i dziel się z innymi, jeśli masz czas.
- moldy peaches?
- хуй ты собачий нихуя ты не выиграешь
- yeah best song evvvar
- ya lazy chill style with some real street style and bowl style mixed all together can be realy sick
- pantar doesn't have the same style, his is raw and real. idk, i really like hellaspace a lot (i mean, my username was inspired by him!) but i'm just not feeling his new style :/
- you are winner.
- ya seriously do some god damn hurricanes and shit
- lol its a chill style and i said i like chill lazy flowy style and i said thats sorta what my style is like and so he thought i was copying sams style but i was explaining im not copying his style
- Oh my god, I literally can't understand what you're saying in any of your comments. His style is supposed to be like that, it's chill. I like that kind of style.
- nooo i mean like i can see my style its the same sorta vibe not copying him at all its like my styles part lazy loose trucks part not so its my original style so dont worry brah
- dooope
- hey all i was sayying is loose trucks and lozy style with alot of effort and tons of flow and style i like
- Wheel falls off goes down sink. YOLO
- dude his style is awesome its sooo sick i love lazy conrad musscurella confused napkin me and his style and pantar there all the same sorta vibe and its chill and awesome
- He has a point, don't just brush off his comment. Your style is almost lazy and it's annoying to watch :/ I don't want to be overcritical, I used to really love your style but now it's just too soft and lazy.
- omfg u photoshopped the last clip that cant be real otruijwksfhgdusfjakdm too good
- White cali-iron or flatground slowmotion?
- @ChristoferKraft I jus wanna have a fun and relax. Old style is effort
- I just miss your old style. Crk. Not this wanna be John Cowart.
- No doubt that this will win