Mini with Sam Aronie, coś o aronii, zapraszamy do oglądania, analizowania i komentowania. Trwa 1m 5s.


Mini with Sam Aronie.


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- Poznaj komentarze, zespół Poniatowa, jeśli masz czas.
- Everything super BuDdEr
- First trick BUDDER
- he uses weed for fake bushes
- The song is: Ur my bby - Ricky Eat Acid Thumbs up so everyone can see this!
- Anyone know the song?!
- wow!
- wow!
- Homemade
- there is an iMac in the kitchen? wtf? :D
- Name of the song??
- Hey Mike, How Did you make the stairset?
- uploaded on my birthday :)
- OMG this homemade ramp is so fucking amazing!! mike should put it on flatface. :)
- @archiejunior i just want the song name haha
- @SkateReels good to see you enjoying Schneider's videos ;)
- SOMEONE PLEASE tell me the song?!
- @fingerboardsleepover its kinda weird tht i no this but its a doll house stair rail
- sam should name his kid mac thumbs up plz
- there a fuckin mac in the kicthen
- @BluePeaSkateCo I wish I did.