rail jam, coś o aronii, zapraszamy do oglądania, analizowania i komentowania. Trwa m s.


rail jam.


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- Poznaj komentarze, sam dodawaj i dziel się z innymi, jeśli masz czas.
- 0:31 b/s smith was so sick!
- style for miles; looks like you got your self a new subscriber
- really cant understand how you (and others) didnt make it to top 10
- i fucking love ur style dude is so smooth
- 0:28 what the fuck!? how u do that !? @_@
- Hope you win. Awesome video
- How do you pop under a rail, to tre flip, to a 50-50 grind?
- wow men that was crazy good
- Here's what I was waiting for
- Youre probably the only fingerboarder who tries to be this realistic and its so fucking awesome
- so freakin sick
- my thoughts oh that was cool.. woah.. dang ... oh my... what was that ... holy shit... WHAAAAT... DID HE REALLY JUS DO THAT... NO.... NONNNNOONNOOONOOOOO.... wow
- that ender ...omg
- yeahhh
- =O
- So smooth
- wonderful
- puhhh, damn!
- damn son you made my day
- yaw sam! the slappy grind was really sick!