Walnut Hills Aronia's Machine Harvester, coś o aronii, zapraszamy do oglądania, online advertising Poland. Trwa 2m 38s.


Walnut Hills Aronia's Machine Harvester.


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- $100K per acre if each plant yields 25 lbs of fruit. considering overhead and that is $70K when the books are balanced, balancing your tax burdens and Obamacare that's $47K you get to keep, so i suggest planting 6 acres so that if you have a bad year the past year's cash flow will held sustain the farm.

however if this is a government farm don't worry about cash flow you can write off the crop failure and burden the tax payers with those losses then sell the red ink to the federal reserve, no worries.
- what is the profit potential for Aronia per hectare or acre?